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Phototherapy (led Double Surface)
Phototherapy (led Double Surface)
Phototherapy (led Double Surface)

Phototherapy (led Double Surface)

In the newborn period i.e. birth to one month, jaundice can pose a serious problem, because the high level of bilirubin, which is not water-soluble, can be decomposed to a harmless metabolic which is water soluble, does not cross the blood-brain barrier and is rapidly excreted in the bile and urine and so does not accumulate. This has been achieved by exposing the infant to bright light (approximately 4.5 microwatts/sq cm/nm) in the range of 420-480 nm wavelength by use of a conventional phototherapy unit has been one of the most important company-focused in the field of neonatology for many years. In order to remove the limitation of fluorescent and CFL tubes, we have utilized long-lasting, durable, more efficient, and cost-effective LEDs with more than double the flux as against what is radiated from conventional, fluorescent, and CFL, for jaundice treatment.

Features :

  • Baby Tray with Transparent base for Undersurface Phototherapy usage.
  • Clear Collapsible fold-down side panels.
  • Lower Shelf, Movable Castors.

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