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A.V. Finstula Needle
A.V. Finstula Needle
A.V. Finstula Needle

A.V. Fistula Needle

Use: To connect blood lines with the blood vessels through needles when dialysis is carried out.

  •  Needles for use in patients, silicone tipped needle for atraumatic insertion.
  • Back eye for uninterrupted blood flow through the needle.
  • Rotable wings for firm grip, easy turning, and secure fixation.
  • Smooth Geometry for laminar blood flow.
  • Modified hub design with the black mark for positioning the bevel accurately.
  • Kink-resistant tubing with smooth occlusion clamp.
  • Color-coded wings for identification of needles size.
  • Option for single/Twin Fistula needles.
  • Disposable, sterile, non-pyrogenic.

Model No.: AV Fistula Needle – With rotating wings, AV Fistula Needle – With fixed wings

Dimension : 15G, 16G, and 17G

Sterile : Sterilized by ETO

* Disclaimer : Syana India Associates reserves the right to modify color or design, discontinue any of the products or change the specifications provided in this catalogue without prior notice.

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