Medical Equipments & BMW Products

We are supplier and exporter of a qualitative assortment of Medical Equipments such as Syringe Micro Infusion System, Biomedical Waste Shredding Machine, Needle & Syringe Destroyer, Infant Radiant Warmer and other medical equipment. The offered range is manufactured using the best grade raw material and advanced technology in accordance with the international quality standards. The offered products are tested on various parameters by our quality controllers in order to deliver flawless range at client's end.

Featured Products

Emergency Resuscitation First Aid Kit

We are the leading supplier and exporter of a broad collection of Emergency Resuscitation First Aid Kit that is designed with extra care in compliance with the set industry standards. Emergency First Aid Kit with automatic resuscitation, positive pressure Ventilator is very useful for all emergency purpose which enables all necessary life saving measures to be taken immediately.

  • Automatic Resuscitator & small oxygen cylinder
  • Manual Resuscitator & manual suction pump
  • Oxygen Inhalation & intubation set
  • Diagnostic Instruments & disposables

Syringe Micro Infusion System

Syringe Micro Infusion System is an integrated Syringe Micro Infusion System comprising a computerized infusion pump with various sensors. The system utilizes a microprocessor to retain correct infusion rates and activate alarm when fluid flow varies from the set rate. The pumps contain a pump assembly, which holds the syringe and infuses fluid to the patient at set rate. If the actual Syringe rate differs from the set rate by more than 1%, the pump stops infusion.

  • Front Loading of Syringe
  • Auto Detection of Syringe
  • Anti Siphon Facility

Volumetric Infusion Pump

Volumetric Infusion Pump which includes volumetric pump is designed to infuse the drug into the vascular system of humans. Each machine is accomplished with microprocessor control of flow rate, volume, timing and activates alarm automatically if the infusion rate cannot be maintained or the solution runs out- all provided by a motor - driven peristaltic mechanism. The pump monitors the drop rate through a drop sensor placed below the solution container i.e. on the drip chamber. During infusion, drops passed the sensor, which emits a low power beam to detect the drop. The sensor continuously relays this information to the pump. If the number of drops deviates above or below the set infusion rate, the pump activates the appropriate audio –visual alarm, such as HI-FLOW or LOW-FLOW and stops infusion.

  • Programmable Target time from 10 min to 100 hrs.
  • Facility for Manual as well as Auto Bolus.
  • Facility to store the last infusion data.

Infant Radiant Warmer

Open care systems allow you to efficiently care and provide advance warming capabilities while using one touch operations to simplify procedures. Advance microprocessor controlled system with self check on the electronic circuitry skin / air / manual control. The open care system combines virtually all the technology a caregiver may need in situation needed for resuscitation. The neonate can be supplied with a constant oxygen flow through the oxygen humidifier when connected to an oxygen cylinder/wall unit. The motorized slow suction can be used with a simple flip of a switch. A digital apgar time is standard, which signals when 1, 5 and 10 minutes have elapsed.

  • provides safety and convenience, with both audible and visual indicators.
  • Skin temperature display can be converted form OC to OF by the push of a button.
  • X-Ray facility is provided below the baby bed for taking X-ray of the baby without disturbing.

Sunshine Phototherapy (LED Double Surface)

In the new born period i.e. birth to one month, jaundice can pose a serious problem, because high level of the billirubin, which is not water soluble, can be decomposed to a harmless metabolic which is water soluble, does not cross blood brain barrier and is rapidly excreted in the bile and urine and so does not accumulate . This has been achieved by exposing the infant to bright light (approximately 4.5 micro watts/sq cm/nm) in the range of 420-480 nm wave length by use of conventional phototherapy unit has been one of the most important company focused in the field of neonatology for many years. In order to remove the limitation of fluorescent and CFL tubes, SSTECHNOMED has utilised long lasting, durable, more efficient and cost effective LEDs with more than double the flux as against what is radiated from conventional, fluorescent and CFL, for jaundice treatment.

  • Baby Tray with Transparent base for Undersurface Phototherapy usage.
  • Clear Collapsible fold down side panels.
  • Lower Shelf, Movable Castors.

Sanitary Napkin Automatic Vending Machine

We are instrumental in manufacturing Automatic Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine. They are incorporated with innovative technology and can be operated with the help of solar energy as well. We are well-equipped for handling bulk orders owing to our warehousing.

  • Used for wending napkins.
  • Can be operated by solar energy.
  • Battery backup provided.

Biomedical Waste Shredding Machine

The Biomedical waste shredding machine is used to destroy waste such as Syringes, scalpels, glass vials, blades, plastics, catheters, broken ampoules, intravenous sets/bottles, blood bags, gloves, bandages etc. Shredding is a process by which waste is de shaped or cut in to smaller pieces, so as to make the waste unrecognizable. It helps in prevention of reuse of infectious Biomedical waste and also acts as an identifier that the waste is safe to dispose off. Product is a research backed, cost effective shredding solution with a focus on shredding as a key factor in solid waste management.

  • No Air Pollution.
  • Low Electrical Consumption.
  • Less Maintenance Cost

Needle & Syringe Destroyer

It is revolutionary method of destroying hypodermic stainless steel needles for the safety of nurses, medical and hospital staff, juvenile diabetes, veterinary offices, clinics, dental labs and doctor's offices. In an ongoing quest for AIDS, Hepatitis and other infectious diseases prevention and medical waste management, an Electrically operated Needle & Syringe destroyer reduces the risk of needle stick injury, by instantly Electro-melting stainless steel hypodermic needles into their original harmless components of chromium oxide, nickel oxide and ferrous oxide.

  • ABS Plastic body.
  • Hardened steel cutter.
  • Tested as per safety standard for electrical appliances.

Mobile Microwave Medical-Waste Disinfection System

Mobile Microwave Medical-Waste Disinfection System (MMDS)is a solution for disinfection & sterilization in medical establishments. This is a non-burn, non-contact technology; based on Molecular Inactivation of Cells and has ZERO emission & discharge. This Technology provides disinfection of 105 – 10 7 log, highest known to humans.

  • Kills almost all bacteria.
  • World’s only point of waste generation treatment technology with complete mobility & Zero Secondary Devices.
  • Eliminates total reuse / misuse of medical plastic which presently is 27% of Medical Plastic sold in India.

Sanitary Pad Burning Incinerator

We have earned a sterling reputation in the industry for manufacturing and wholesaling Sanitary Napkin Burning Incinerator to our revered patrons. The offered machines are used for incinerating the used sanitary napkins to produce negligible ash. These machines are environmentally friendly and are operated with electricity. We are specialized in handling customized orders owing to our dexterous professionals.

  • Used for incinerating sanitary napkins.
  • Operated by electricity.
  • Demanded in colleges and hostels.

High Pressure Rectangular Steam Sterilizer

To meet the diversified requirements of our prestigious clients, we are engaged in offering a qualitative array of High Pressure Rectangular Steam Sterilizer. With the international quality standards, this product are using the finest grade raw material and advanced techniques. In addition to this, we inspect this product on certain parameters to ensure its sturdiness and quality.

  • Durability.
  • Accurate dimension
  • Excellent finish